Credit/Debit Card Payment

At Shopivo Novelty, we offers our consumers and buyers a safety methods of payments which are Account or Credit/Debit Card using paypal cause paypal offers Buyer protection and favors consumers by providing a secure gateway and good terms of use policies. This is why we advocate using Paypal to complete your transactions here safely without any problems.

So if you don't have a paypal account, please follow instructions below to complete your order by Credit/Debit Card using paypal guest:

1.After completing your billing info choose "Create an Account", It's a guest paypal account for buyers security.

2.Good, now you will see your total and your belling info, Just complete your CREDIT/DEBIT CARD INFOS.

3. Choose any password, check the button of Agreement and Click on "Create & Pay Now" button.

Congratulations, Your payment is successfully succeed, Enjoy Shopping At our Store:)